IIG 29th Convocation Ceremony Celebrating Excellence in Gems & Jewellery Education
IIG 29th Convocation Ceremony Celebrating Excellence in Gems & Jewellery Education
The International Institute of Gemology (IIG) hosted its highly anticipated 29th Convocation Ceremony on the 30th of June 2023 Graduating students, they were honored for their outstanding achievements in the field of Gems & Jewellery.

Chief Guest for the ceremony was  Nilesh Chhabria, the esteemed COO of Finestar Diamonds, who graced the occasion with his presence and delivered an inspiring address to the graduates.

The event commenced with an impactful opening note delivered by  Rahul Desai,CEO & MD, IIG. During his address, . Rahul Desai emphasized the importance of lifelong learning, adaptability, and embracing challenges in today's rapidly changing world. He shared insightful anecdotes and personal experiences, connecting with the graduating students on a profound level and igniting a sense of purpose as they embark on their professional paths.

The highlight of the event was the keynote speech delivered by the esteemed Chief Guest, . Nilesh Chhabria – COO Finestar Diamonds. During the speech, Mr. Nilesh touched upon several key themes, including province, traceability, blockchain technology, innovation, and the power of education. Drawing from personal experiences and sharing anecdotes, the Chief Guest emphasized the importance of embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and continuously striving for improvement.

During the convocation, a total of 114 students were felicitated with certificates, symbolizing their successful completion of various programs offered by IIG. Additionally, seven special trophies were awarded to exceptional students who demonstrated exceptional skills, talent, and dedication in their respective fields of study.

Rahul Desai,  also launched IIG Alumni Club in the presence of the Chief Guest, . Nilesh Chhabria, COO, Finestar Diamonds at the IIG 29th Convocation Ceremony.

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